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Spectra, Minolta, Xaar, Konica, DX4, DX5 & Hitachi Heads
Deluxe Kits use Fluid Pumping, Ultrasonic, Heat & Air to Recover Printheads!

Deluxe Kits Available for Eco-Solvent Printers
If you have a Mimaki, Roland or Mutoh Eco-Solvent Printer with DX4/DX5 printheads you can now recover printheads yourself!



What We Do

Our technicians use a proprietary process with 6 different printhead cleaning methods to unclog your solvent print head nozzles and recover your print head. These print head cleaning methods are used in combination with specialized cleaning fluids we developed to carefully dislodge the clogs without damaging the solvent print heads.
By unclogging print head nozzles you can fix a broken print head that may not have worked in the past.  A print head recovery effectively unclogs your print head. We can also fix UV Print Heads, Water Based Ink Print Heads, Sublimation Ink Print Heads, Oil Based Ink Print Heads & Dye Based Print heads.

We have been in the industry for over 10 years working with solvent printers and their printheads. Our staff has extensive experience with operating and repairing large and grand format printers. You don't have to replace your solvent printhead. We recover printheads from Roland, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Scitex, Vutek and many other printer manufacturers.

If we don't have a listing for your printer or printhead, please send us a contact form with the information so we can add your printhead to our list. We are adding new printheads all the time.

Printheads Supported


Model #KM512 MN
HP: Designjet 9000s, Designjet 10000s
Seiko: Colorpainter 64s, Colorpainter 100s
OCE: CS 6060, CS 6100,
DGI: ST1806


Model #DX2 (Black & Color)
Mutoh: Rockhopper I, Falcon Jr., 3800, FJ6000, RJ6000, RJ6100

Model #DX4
Mimaki: JV3
Mutoh: Rockhopper II/III, Spitfire, Blizzard
Roland: Soljet, Versacamm

Model #DX5
Mimaki: JV33
Mutoh: Valuejet


Model #256 I
Vutek: 3300, 5300

Model #256 II
HP Scitex: Idanit, Pressjet

Model #GEN3E1
Teckwin: TeckPro H3200, H5000, Teckjet H2500


Model #JV5
Mimaki: JV5


Model #XJ 128/80
NUR: Fresco I & II, Salsa, Ultima
HP Scitex: Grandjet, XLjet/+

Model #XJ 128/80W
NUR: Fresco III
HP Scitex: XLjet Premium

HP Scitex

Model #Turbojet E1 Assembly
HP Scitex: Turbojet


Model #Nova JA 256/80
Vutek: Ultravu 3360, 5330, 5360, 2360
DGI: PS3206, MJ3204
Mutoh: Toucan, Osprey
Nur: Expedio, Revolution, Tempo
Teckwin: Teckpro S3200
Durst: Rho 160R

Model #SL-128 Gold
Gandinnovations: Jeti 33XX, 50XX (300 dpi)



Model #Micro Quad
Gator 72SR


Printers Supported:
Soljet - Epson DX4
Versacamm - Epson DX4

Designjet 9000s - Konica KM512 MN
Designjet 10000s - Konica KM512 MN

Gator 72SR - Colorspan Micro Quad

Rockhopper I - Epson DX2
Rockhopper II / III - Epson DX4
Falcon Jr. - Epson DX2
3800 - Epson DX2
FJ6000 - Epson DX2
RJ6000 - Epson DX2
RJ6100 - Epson DX2
Spitfire - Epson DX4

Blizzard - Epson DX4
Valuejet - Epson DX4

Toucan - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
Osprey - Spectra Nova JA 256/80

JV3-75SPII - Epson DX4
JV3-160SP - Epson DX4

JV3-250SP - Epson DX4
JV33 - Epson DX5
JV5 - Mimaki JV5

Colorpainter 64s - Konica KM512 MN
Colorpainter 100s - Konica KM512 MN

CS 6060 - Konica KM512 MN
CS 6100 - Konica KM512 MN

ST1806 - Konica KM512 MN
PS 3206 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
MJ 3204 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
SJ XXXX - Xaar XJ 128/80
VT XXXX - Xaar XJ 128/80


3300 - Hitachi 256 I
5300 - Hitachi 256 I
Ultravu 3360 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
Ultravu 5360 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
Ultravu 5330 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
Ultravu 2360 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80

Expedio - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
Revolution - Spectra Nova JA 256/80
Tempo - Spectra Nova JA 256/80

Fresco I / II - Xaar XJ 128/80
Fresco III - Xaar XJ 128/80W
Salsa - Xaar XJ 128/80
Ultima - Xaar XJ 128/80

HP Scitex
Pressjet - Hitachi 256 II
Idanit - Hitachi 256 II
Grandjet - Xaar XJ 128/80
XLjet - Xaar XJ 128/80

XLjet+ - Xaar XJ 128/80
XLjet Premium - Xaar XJ 128/80W
Turbojet - HP Scitex Turbojet E1 Assembly

RHO 160R - Spectra Nova JA 256/80

Jeti 33xx - Spectra SL-128 Gold
Jeti 50xx (300 dpi) - Spectra SL-128 Gold

Teckjet H2500 - Hitachi GEN3E1
Teckpro H3200 - Hitachi GEN3E1
Teckpro H5000 - Hitachi GEN3E1
Teckpro S3200 - Spectra Nova JA 256/80


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