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We have been in the industry for over 10 years working with solvent printers and their printheads. Our staff has extensive experience with operating and repairing large and grand format printers. The managing partners originally created Printhead 911 because the solvent industry has a dirty little secret.

Most repair technicians will look at a test print and tell you whether your heads need replacement or not. If they see clogged nozzles they may attempt a head cleaning. But if they feel that the printer's cleaning procedure or the cleaning tank can't fix the problem, they will recommend you replace the printhead. That printhead may still have a long mechanical life even though its nozzles are clogged. But, the technician will normally tell you to replace the head for about $700-$4000+ depending on the machine. Most technicians believe that a head replacement is the only solution.

Replacing the printhead seems to be the industries only answer to a clogged printhead. The managing partners decided to experiment with clogged heads sitting in their printhead graveyard to see what can be done to recover them. After extensive research, methods and equipment were developed. Printhead 911 was born.

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