Code Blue - Desktop Waterbased Inkjet Printer Unclogging Solution

Code Blue - Desktop Waterbased Inkjet Printer Unclogging Solution

Code Blue - Desktop Waterbased Inkjet Printer Unclogging Solution
You get the following:

* 8oz Code Blue Solution
* Printhead Soaking Tray (For Removable Printheads)
* Lint Free Soaking Cloths
* Lil' Drop Bottle
* Instruction Booklet
Enough Solution to unclog 10+ Printheads!

Supported Desktop Inkjet Printers:

* Epson
* HP
* Brother
* Canon
* Lexmark

Problems that Code Blue Solves:

Printers that sit off for months without any cleaning cycles.

Printers that remain on, but rarely print.

Third party ink which can clog your print heads.

A Nasty clog that your cleaning cycles can't seem to fix

Cleaning cycles use precious ink to clear out clogs. Use Code Blue instead! Code Blue works fast to break up clogs safely and efficiently in a matter of minutes. If you have a stubborn clog, you can let Code Blue soak in the print head overnight.

We are so sure of our product, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Just return the unused portion and we will refund your purchase price.

Code Blue is also great as a maintenance fluid! Just 3-5 drops in your piezo print head or a 10 minute soak for your thermal inkjet print head and your print head will print better and last longer.

Facts About Code Blue:

1. Code Blue eats away the clogged ink without affecting the print head mechanism. It can be safely used on all your desktop inkjet printers without destroying the delicate firing mechanisms.

2. Code Blue doesn't contain any Alcohol or Ammonia. Alcohol can damage your print head and Ammonia will leave a film which can affect your print quality and print head life.

3. Code Blue is biodegradeable! While it is perfectly fine sealed in its bottle, once exposed to the air it will degrade within a matter of days.

4. Code Blue doesn't have a harmful chemical smell. It has a natural Citrus Orange smell which makes it pleasant to work with.

5. 3-5 Drops in a piezo printhead or a very small amount in the soaking dish is all that is needed to unclog your printhead. 8oz of Code Blue will last you a long time.

Weight 1.00 lbs
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Our price: $29.95
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