Konica KM512-MN-Gen Recovery Service for Generic Solvent Printers

Konica KM512-MN-Gen Recovery Service for Generic Solvent Printers

Konica KM512-MN-Gen Recovery Service for Generic Solvent Printers
Konica KM512 MN Printhead Recovery & Cleaning Service for Solvent Printers not listed under our other categories. This price is to service one printhead.

Five Easy Steps to Service your Printheads:
  1. Select this Service and Checkout.
  2. Receive Packing and Shipping Instructions from us.
  3. Pack and Ship Printhead(s). You can ship using your favorite shipper.
  4. We Receive, Test and Recover Printhead(s).
  5. We Ship Printheads back to you with the Shipping Method you Indicated at Checkout.
PLEASE NOTE: The shipping method and insurance you select at checkout is for shipping the printhead(s) back to you from our facility in Newport Coast, CA in the USA.

Ink Used: We want to know if you used Manufacturer's Ink or a Third Party Ink. If you used Third Party Ink, please let us know the brand. It can help us in selecting the proper recovery solvents for your ink's chemical base.

Printer Manufacturer & Model: Because you have selected a generic Konica KM512 MN printhead, please let us know this information so we can add it to our list of printers in the future.

Insurance: How much is a recovered printhead(s) worth? We let you decide. You can select what each printhead is worth for the shipment back to you. Remember that if you are an international customer, you may have to pay importing taxes based on the value of the printhead(s).

Note: Our Guarantee does not include a refund on insurance above the standard $100 per printhead.

Service Note: If your printhead has physical damage please indicate that in the comments. Also, don't disassemble the printhead before shipping it to us. Send us the complete printhead and we will do the necessary disassembly to service it.

Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on the procedure to remove/install your printhead(s) on your printer. We cannot advise you via email or on the phone to do a procedure that could result in damage to your machine if not executed properly. Also, calibration procedures are necessary after removing and reinstalling a printhead. If you are unfamiliar with these procedures, your recovered head will be out of alignment, resulting in poor print quality. It is worth the investment to hire a technician, watch, ask questions and learn the procedure.

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Market price: $899.00
Our price: $699.00
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