Mutoh DX4 DIY Maintenance/Recovery Kit

Mutoh DX4 DIY Maintenance/Recovery Kit

Mutoh DX4 DIY Maintenance/Recovery Kit
Now you can recover your own printheads with our DIY Maintenance/Recovery Kit.

Printers: Mutoh: Rockhopper II/III, Spitfire, Blizzard

For the last two years people have asked if they could recover their printheads themselves. We resisted until the economy took a downturn and our recovery business exploded. We are so busy with Spectra & Hitachi Printheads we haven't enough time to recover Epson DX4 Printheads. So we decided to simplify our process and offer a kit that you can use yourself.
We are still providing recovery service to those who don't want to do it yourself, but we suggest you buy the kit to get your printheads recovered as fast a possible and back in the machine.

Kit Includes:
  • Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine - Calibrated to our solutions
  • Custom Made DX4 Template (for 2 Heads)
  • Recovery Solution #1MU
  • Recovery/Cleaning Solution #2
  • Mild Cleaning Solution #3
  • Stubborn Clog Soak Solution #5
  • Storage & Disposal Bottles
  • 2 Syringes & Connection Tubing
  • Solution Cups & Parts Tray
  • Foam Tip Swabs
  • Lint Free Cloths
  • Safety Goggles
  • Latex Gloves
  • Instruction Manual
This is a complete recovery and Maintenance solution kit. It has been successfully used to recover partially clogged printheads and completely dry, sitting in the drawer for a year printheads. It's not guaranteed to recover every printhead, but it will save many heads you would normally throw away.

Recommended Uses:

1. Regular maintenance for printheads. If you use your printer once in awhile, you will probably get ink buildup inside the printhead which will eventually clog the head or cause nozzle deflections. If you use your printer constantly, you will probably get some buildup on the inside of the head and more buildup on the outside which you need to remove from time to time to keep your printer from leaving messy droplets and streaks on your prints.

2. Printhead recovery of wet heads. When your printhead is clogged and you need to be in production, you can recovery your printhead quickly and efficiently. This kit can recover your printhead in hours or overnight.

3. Printhead recovery of dry heads. If you have an old head that is collecting dust in the corner, you can use this kit to recover it. You problably still one because it cost you a lot of money to replace. Many people keep their old printheads because they can't bring themselves to throw away something that costs as much as a laptop computer. Dry printheads may take up to 5 days to recover, but that's one head you will not have to buy. However, if your head had electrical problems there is an 80% chance the recovered head will not work.

Common Questions:

Q: How many printheads can I recover with this kit?

A: We have included storage bottles for the soaking solutions so you can reuse them several times. You can probably recover 10-15 printheads before buying replacement solution bottles.

Q: Is it difficult to recover a printhead?

A: We provide a manual that gives you step by step instructions on recovering your printhead. We also have additional instructions if your printhead doesn't recover easily.

Q: Can I recover Dampers Too?

A: Uh, no. Please don't do that! Dampers are very sensitive. They have a mesh filter which is important to filter out small particles. Forcing liquid through them is very bad.

Q: What about the filter inside of the printhead cap?

A: The recovery solutions should break down the particles and clean out the filter. However, we will be selling replacement caps so you can change them if you wish.

Q: What is the difference between this kit and your normal recovery process.

A: We simplified the kit to keep the cost down and make it easy to recover your printhead. Our normal recovery system had pumps with digital pressure and pump control circuitry to prevent pump pressure from destroying the inside of the printhead.
We also had a multi-stage filtration system to filter the solution down to less than 1 micron. We also have a machine that foamed one of our other solvents to remove the ink from inside the printhead. Our simplified process uses syringes and tubing and good old fashioned manual labor to push fluid through the nozzles. Also, by using fresh uncontaminated fluid, you will not have to filter it. As long as you are careful in pushing fluid through the syringe you can recover your printhead.

Q: Can I damage my printhead by recovering it myself.

A: Yes! We try to minimize this possibility by including precise instructions on how to recover your printhead. If you are not careful you may damage your printhead.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee that I will recover my printhead?

A: No. We are unable to assess your level of abilities. We can say that we have many people who have successfully recovered their printheads. We do offer a 30 day return policy on our machine. If after 30 days you are not satified with the recovery kit, you may return it to us for a refund on the amount paid. Return shipping and Outside of Continental U.S. shipping charges not included. We also offer 90 days parts and labor on our recovery machine.

Q: Can I just buy the chemicals by themselves and save money?

A: We designed the process to work with the machine and the chemicals.  If you eliminate the machine or use some other machine you have a much better chance of having the process not work or causing damage to the printheads.  We calibrate each machine to work with our process.  We don't want you to damage your printheads.

Q: Can I buy additional chemicals?

A: We do sell replacement chemicals to existing customers.  Once you purchase the kit online, another section on the website will be available with replacement solutions after you have receive your kit.

Q: Can you tell me how to remove my printhead and reinstall it?

A: As is our standard policy, we can't. If you don't feel confortable removing your printheads or don't feel you can reassemble everything properly, please don't attempt to do it.

Shipping time after order is 3-7 working days. All recovery solutions have a shelf life of up to 1 year before opening.

Ink Used: We want to know if you used Manufacturer's Ink or a Third Party Ink. If you used Third Party Ink, please let us know the brand. We want to make sure it is compatible with our solutions.

Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on the procedure to remove/install your printhead(s) on your printer. We cannot advise you via email or on the phone to do a procedure that could result in damage to your machine if not executed properly. Also, calibration procedures are necessary after removing and reinstalling a printhead. If you are unfamiliar with these procedures, your recovered head will be out of alignment, resulting in poor print quality. It is worth the investment to hire a technician, watch, ask questions and learn the procedure.

Weight 20.00 lbs
Market price: $1100.00
Our price: $699.00
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