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Solvent Printers Vutek Spectra 256
Solvent Printers use the newest technology piezo electric printheads to dispense droplets of ink onto different medias. Each printhead contains hundreds of nozzles(or jets) that fire up to millions of tiny droplets per second. Solvent ink has a tendency to clog these nozzles after extended printhead use. Nozzles can become partially clogged causing deflections or totally clogged rendering the nozzle useless. Most printers can compensate for a small number of clogged nozzles. However, after a certain number of nozzles clog, the printer fails to compensate and noticeable banding occurs on the media. Basically the nozzle becomes useless and the printhead needs to be replaced. Printheads cost anywhere from $500 - $4000+ to replace. Replacing printheads results in reduced profits.

What We Do
Our technicians use a proprietary process with 6 different cleaning methods to unclog your printhead nozzles and recover your printhead. These cleaning methods are used in combination with specialized cleaning fluids we developed to carefully dislodge the clogs without damaging the printheads. We evaluate your printhead's condition and design a cleaning procedure that will effectively recover its nozzles. Our methods are over 90% effective at recovering your printhead. We can save you $100's-$1000's on replacing your printheads.

Our Guarantee & Warranty
Printhead 911 offers a performance guarantee on our services and a 90 day warranty on printer manufactuer inks and a 30 day warranty on third party inks*

How our Service Works Go to Order Service and select the printer model or the printhead model you wish to have serviced.

  1. Select Order Service and place the order online.
  2. You will receive information on packing your printheads and shipping them to us.
  3. We test, evaluate and recover your printheads.
  4. We ship the printheads back to you for immediate installation or you can store them for future use.


Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on the procedure to remove/install your printhead(s) on your printer. We cannot advise you via email or on the phone to do a procedure that could result in damage to your machine if not executed properly. Also, calibration procedures are necessary after removing and reinstalling a printhead. If you are unfamiliar with these procedures, your recovered head will be out of alignment, resulting in poor print quality. It is worth the investment to hire a technician, watch, ask questions and learn the procedure.

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